Cheese trail and cider trail

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Enjoy the famous Cheese trail around the Domaine de Pasiphae : from Camembert village, to Pont-Leveque and Livarot, you can visit different farms and cheese factories. You will enjoy learning about the cheese making and will taste several kinds of cheese with a glass of cider or calvados!

Gastronomy is really an important thing for French people and Normandy is a very good region to start learning about cheeses! We will advise you about must-see restaurants and farms around the bed and breakfast.

You will also visit the Museum of Camembert in Vimoutiers, it is really an interesting visit and you can also buy cheeses onsite. From there, take your car for 5min drive and visit Durand’s farm, the latest farm in Camembert town to make this world-famous cheese in the most traditional way!


The famous village of Camembert

Who was Marie Harel ? 

It was Marie Harel and her daughter, also called Marie, who made camembert widely known and set it on its way to becoming the « king of cheeses ». The purpose of the 35 mile trail, organised jointly by the Tourist Office and the Camembert Museum in Vimoutiers, is to introduce visitors to the « kingdom of milk » and promote the products of the Pays d’Auge. The Trail leads the visitor to Orbec, Canapville, Ticheville, Guerquesalles, Roiville where Marie Harel was born, Champosoult where her family tomb is to be seen, Les Champeaux, Crouttes and its Saint-Michel Priory, and Vimoutiers (with its statue of Marie Harel).

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And the cider trail ?


To the east of Caen, the « Cider Trail » is a signposted tourist circuit, winding through countryside which is typical of the Pays d’Auge, linking the villages of Beuvron en Auge (classified village), Bonnebosq, Beaufour and Druval via picturesque little roads in the district of Cambremer. Some twenty cider producers and distillers of « Cambremer Vintage » Calvados open their cellars and pressing sheds to visitors and encourage them to taste their products along this circuit, which is one of the Tourist Circuits. Let yourself be guided along this initiatory circuit !



Museum of apple and cider in Le-Sap-en-Auge village